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NEW!  Amazing wood and paper designed earrings by Australian maker Cheeky Little Monkeys

Bonsoy is Australia's favourite soy milk, and now Bonsoy can be your favourite earrings! Miniature replicas of the popular soy milk carton and made from eco friendly wood and paper.

For when soy milk is more than just a choice, it's a lifestyle, look no further than these adorable earrings! The perfect gift for your vegan friend, or just wear them yourself to let the world know your obsession with soy milk.

Bonsoy approx. 20mm

Attached to Stainless steel hooks

Please note: these earrings are NOT waterproof! As they are made from wood and paper, Cheeky Little Monkeys does not recommend getting them wet.


Polymer clay, acrylic paint, resin,

Shipping Information

Care Instructions

JEWELLERY Product Care

Much love goes into creating every piece by hand so no two pieces are the same. Please note that you may find some slight imperfections & irregularities consistent with a handmade item.

Please treat your polymer clay earrings gently - do not bend or twist the clay or backings. Please be careful not to drop clay onto hard surfaces. Store in a clean dry area away from where dust may accumulate. Do not wear in water.

Carefully remove makeup from earrings using a soft wet towel such as a natural based baby wipe. Larger Polymer Clay designs such as dangles are intended for special occasion wear so extra care may be needed if worn daily.

Small parts may chip off or break if the above care instructions are not followed. Any questions about your pieces and how to care for them please do not hesitate to ask.


To straighten tassels simply steam (a kettle is a good option) or use a small amount of water with your fingertips. Allow to dry flat or hanging.

If ends over time become slightly frayed, simple use a sharp pair of scissors to ever so slightly trim the edges.

**Note combing tassels may cause threads to fray and lose their sheen, if your threads need a tidy up, simply steam and trim the bottom edge with a pair of sharp scissors**

Jewellery Findings

We use a variety of metals for jewellery findings. As we create costume jewellery the majority of our findings are not made from precious metals, but rather from stainless steel and coated base metals. These metals will tarnish over time, but can be cleaned by using jewellery tarnish removal products. Many environmental factors can affect the speed and intensity of tarnishing, storing with a tarnish prevention cloth will assist.

Ear posts

All of our earring posts are natural or toned hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel thus perfect for sensitive ears.

Realistic fake food earrings

Despite how they appear, fake food earrings (such as cookies, chocolates etc) are NOT edible. DO NOT CONSUME or taste your fake food earrings or art work. All items sold by THE FOOD IMPOSTOR is for adults only and not intended for use by children or pets. Please keep out of reach of children, pets or animals that may be tempted to taste or eat our earrings or art pieces. THE FOOD IMPOSTOR wearable food earrings are designed to look like the real thing. They are handmade out of (but not limited to) professional polymer clay and other small craft & industrial items/chemicals that may present a choking hazard to children or animals.

All handmade items listed on THE FOOD IMPOSTOR has no affiliation with any food brand that an item may appear to look like.

Handmade Wearable Art

All of our products are made with the utmost of care and from durable high quality materials. When creating our pieces we use a variety of unique and complex techniques to achieve our beautiful aesthetic. So please keep in mind that like all things in life wearable art will wear.


We understand in life accidents can happen, if you damage or break your Earring pieces in any way please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on how to mend them or send them to our workshop for repair. All postage costs for repairs are the responsibility of the buyer. Prior to sending in your pieces into our workshop please contact us at

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